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Jayden Scott

Deluxe Uniguard Table Saw Blade Guard

Deluxe Uniguard Table Saw Blade Guard

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This Deluxe Uniguard Table Saw Blade Guard from Delta (34-976) works with Delta鈥檚 10鈥?Unisaws and Contractor鈥檚 Saws. This blade guard does not have to be removed for non-through cutting operations. The overhead design means there is no mounting bracket behind the blade to interfere with dado cutting or molding operations. A separate, removable splitter with anti-kickback pawls is included for use during through-cutting, allowing safer operation. The U-shaped support arm allows you to cut to the full capacity of the fence. For cutting with the fence close to the blade, half of the guard can be kept elevated, allowing the use of a push stick. Fits Delta 10-inch Unisaws and Contractor鈥檚 Saws. Includes guard, splitter with anti-kickback fingers, table mounting bracket, support arm and extension.

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