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Jayden Scott

Core18V 2Tool Combo Kit 6.3 Ah

Core18V 2Tool Combo Kit 6.3 Ah

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The Bosch Core18V 2-Tool Combo Kit (6.3 Ah) (GXL18V-225B24) provides cordless productivity and versatility. It includes two Core18V batteries and two powerful tools. The IDH182 EC Brushless 1/4鈥?and 1/2鈥?Socket-Ready Impact Driver takes screwdriver bits and sockets, for an all-in-one tool with driving power. The HDH183 1/2鈥?Hammer Drill/Driver features KickBack Control, which reduces the risk of sudden tool reactions in binding conditions. It is engineered with an all-metal chuck and an EC Brushless motor delivering 663 In.-Lbs. of torque. Each Core18V 6.3 Ah battery provides 80% more power than the previous-generation batteries. The included BC1880 18V Fast Charger is capable of charging a drained Core18V battery back to 80% in under 45 minutes.

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