Vegan Rebel Tee


Vegan Rebel. Artwork by Tiago Evangelista in support of SURGE Activism, a grassroots organisation committed to ending animal abuse through vegan philosophy and community led education. Find out more about the Story behind the design.

50% of all proceeds from each sale will be donated and shared equally between Tiago and SURGE Activism.

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Fair Wear approved
  • Non-toxic water-based inks
  • 220gms
  • Made to order
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Colour : Black
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Vegan Rebel Tee. Designed by Tiago Evangelista, in support of Surge Activism.


50% of all proceeds from each sale will be shared equally between Surge Activism and the artist behind the design. Surge Activism is a grassroots, non-profit animal rights organisation determined to create a world where compassion towards all non-human animals is the norm.


100% organic cotton. Printed using water-based inks and packaged using only recycled and biodegradable materials.


Born 1987 in Viseu, Portugal Tiago Evangelista's work is highly influenced by graffiti, cartoon references from childhood, industrial or military facilities and the graphic spray languages that are used by a range of workers from construction to road maintenance crews. Being the son of a mechanic, the garage aesthetic has a strong influence on his work. From security tape lines, technical car drawings, brand logos and floor spray marks on concrete. Tiago's work often captures this aesthetic language, particularly in the form of paintings but also as installations with car parts.