Matter Is The Minimum

The excruciating images of George Floyd’s final moments, as he died in police custody have fuelled a global fury. As almost 600 countries came out to protest, there are no words to describe the anger we feel. The recent murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breanna Taylor have forced the world to confront an immoral reality; we are a racist society, and the long-standing practice of violence against the black community is a cancer that remains deep rooted. We were so naïve; how did we not see this before.

The recent protests, both geographically and racially diverse, gives hope for meaningful social progress on the issue of policing. Each an act of defiance, as thousands of protestors took to the streets around the world, risking their lives to show their value of others. A signal that we are awake to what is happening and refuse to tolerate it anymore.

The change that is needed is beyond dispute. An unrelenting reality of this movement is the realisation that we ALL must take a look at our beliefs and our actions, conscious and subconscious. The systemic racism is so deeply penetrated in each and every aspect of our society; political, educational, societal, that we must go further to ensure we break the chain of continuity of racists and racism.

We have to reflect on our behaviours. Now is the time to accept that we don’t know everything and start building our knowledge and understanding, a whole world of informative and educational materials exists to provide an extensive insight into the sufferings of the black community and until now, have been overlooked, because the world was just less accepting of black creatives, scientists, thinkers, writers, and their story. It’s so important that we acknowledge our white privilege and utilise it to advocate for those who do not benefit the same, purely because of the colour of their skin. Though you may not feel racism on a regular basis, how can we possibly suggest it is not real.

People are dying, we have so much work to do.

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