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The Power Of Community In The Climate Crisis

Across the climate movement, it’s dawned on us that unless we work together, the issues that we work on will be much harder, if not impossible to address.

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Iconic Protest Posters

While today’s protest posters have indeed evolved with new media, they are by no means the first to visualise the frustrations of the masses.

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The Spanish Farmland Series By Tom Hegen

Tom Hegen, is a Photographer and Designer in Munich, Germany. Hegen focuses on aerial photography projects that show impact of human presence on earth.

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The Birth of Earth Day

In 1969, a 4.2 million gallon oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara became the most devastating environmental disaster in human history, destroying hundreds of miles of California coastline. This catastrophe sparked a teach-in on environmental subjects that was the genesis of the first Earth Day.

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