The Solastalgia Collection

A collection designed in support of Stand For Trees, an innovative grassroots campaign enabling real action against deforestation and forest degradation.

Stand For Trees

Offering a clear and affordable way for people to make a real difference, Stand For Trees harnesses the power of crowd-funding to protect our forests and the communities that rely on them. Their projects offer millions of individuals around the world the opportunity to off-set the emissions they inevitably generate, a space that had previously been dominated by large corporations.

Elena Cremona

Creative Director, Photographer and Darkroom Printer. Founder & Head of Photography at The Earth Issue. Her work centres around environmental and landscape coverage, bringing issues around climate change into focus. 

The Collection

Featuring 9 of Cremona's designs, the collection focused on the beauty of our natural environment and the increasing pressure to protect it. Printed on our organic range of t-shirts, sweatshirts and totes. 25% of the proceeds from the collection donated to Stand For Trees with an additional 25% shared with Cremona.

Collection now closed.