Skid Row Collection

The Skid Row capsule collection included exclusively designed artwork by Photography Suitcase Joe and artist Travis Keller. 

What Is Skid Row?

Skid Row is a 54-block area in downtown Los Angeles that has become synonymous with homelessness, poverty, addiction and mental illness.

Suitcase Joe

Suitcase Joe is an anonymous photographer who has been documenting LA’s Skid Row for half a decade. Joe has gotten to know the residents on a personal level and has initiated the Suitcase Joe Foundation, an inclusive grassroots movement advocating to eliminate homelessness.

The Story

At the heart of Los Angeles lies a concentration of desperate poverty unlike any other city in the developed world. We collaborated with Suitcase Joe and Travis Keller to help raise awareness of the issue at large and raise funds for the Skid Row Foundation.

Travis Keller

Travis Keller is an LA based artist and record label owner that started one of the first music websites on the internet. Kellers work and designs are inspired by the city of LA and his gratitude for life.

Collection now closed.