One Ocean Collection

The One Ocean collection in support of Sea Shepherd UK, renowned for their ocean conservation work and direct action campaigns to defend wildlife and protect the world’s oceans from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction.



Sea Shepherd, founded by veteran activist Captain Paul Watson, takes action to the front line of the war against our Oceans. These activists show raw, unvarnished fear and heroism in the fight to protect marine life and are no stranger to confrontation.



The collection features work by Chicago-born Kelly Knaga, multi-faceted artist; B.Thom Stevenson, abstract creative; Luca Bjørnsten, illustrator and designer; Humberto Cruz (I SCREAM COLOUR); artist and illustrator Kit Agar and interdisciplinary artist and co-op organiser, Ellen Rutt.



Printed across our range of organic and recycled materials, the collection is made to order and plastic free. Our direct to garment printing also means zero harsh chemicals are used. As ever, 50% of the proceeds are donated and shared between Sea Shepherd UK and the artists we have collaborated with.

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