Refugee Action Collection

A collection featuring collaborations with artists SAM and Rithika Pandey in support of Refugee Action, who provide care and support to those who have fled their homes and help them build safe, happy and productive lives in the UK.

The Refugee Action collection includes artwork by Rithika Pandey, SAM and Joe Carter. 50% of all proceeds from the collection will be donated and shared between the artists and Refugee Action who are working to help protect the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.  

Refugee Action

Refugee Action helps those who’ve survived some of the world’s worst regimes. The incredibly complex asylum system in the UK provides only limited financial support. Seeing the lack of compassion in this process, Refugee Action are working to help protect the rights of people seeking safety. When refugees and people seeking asylum arrive in the UK with nothing, they make sure they have the basic support they need to survive. 

Peace by SAM

SAM is an anonymous artist and asylum seeker living in the UK. SAM's poem on Peace reflects the heart-rending stories of the people she met in her search for sanctuary. Refugee Action have been able to provide SAM with the support and help to amplify her voice. 

Rithika Pandey

Rithika Pandey is a contemporary visual artist from Mumbai. Born in Varanasi, her childhood saw her spend a lot of time across Africa, including countries like Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. This diverse spectrum of cultural influences enriches her work with an array of stunning colours and symbols as she addresses the ideas of self, displacement, space-body dynamics as well as the anxieties and absurdities of everyday human existence.

Collection now closed.