Timo Lieber: Thaw

Timo Lieber is a London based photographer best known for his distinctive take on our world from above. Inspired by the environment and the interplay of elements that form some of nature's most incredible shapes and patterns. While many of Timo's earlier works show the beauty of vast untouched landscapes, ranging from Arctic Circle to remote deserts, his current work explores the human interaction with nature and the complexity of its impact.

Greenlands contribution to global sea-level rise is about three times that of Antarctica. Liber set out to document the change in landscape. The haunting images effortlessly capture the stunning beauty of the Arctic, at the same time emphasising its fragility. "The images are deliberately abstract. You have to get close to find the small, hidden details that help you to understand what you're seeing. They're beautiful, but what you're looking at is climate change at it's worst."

"What should be pristine white is littered with blue"

Greenland is a vital cog in the climate machine, it reflects so much of the suns energy back into space that it moderates global temperatures. But in recent decades, Greenland has seen it's ice deplete by up to 380,000,000,000 tons annually.