The Girl Effect And Economic Growth

Empowerment of Women is now recognised as key to economic growth, political stability and social transformation. Empowerment can mean the recognition of self-worth, the right to make choices, accessing opportunities or the ability to influence social change and more. While empowerment is open to interpretation, there is one thing that is clear - where women are empowered, society as a whole benefit. Women now make up 40% of the global labour force, 43% of the agricultural workforce and over half of the World’s university students.

Empowering young women and girls and removing the barriers that otherwise limit their involvement, allows a whole society to feel the positive ripple effect. Sustainable development is achieved by empowering men and women both. It’s clear that progress has been made - but where poverty remains, it is the women and the girls of society who feel it the most. When families struggle to find the resources to feed their children or to send them to school, it is the girls who are the last to eat and the first to be kept at home.

The UN's Women’s Empowerment Principles, aptly named ‘Equality Means Business’ reinforces the business case for promoting gender equality in the corporate realm. Promoting the fulfilment of women through education, development and employment is the unexpected solution to overcoming poverty. Investing in women drives growth, productivity and innovation. Women across the world are on a mission to triumph over discrimination and inequality, to establish their rights and effect positive change and there has never been a greater time for it.

Women for Women International supports women who live in some of the world’s most dangerous places. Women enrol on the charity’s year-long training programme, where they learn how to earn and save money, improve their family’s health and make their voices heard at home and in their community. Since 1993, the charity has helped almost half a million marginalised women survivors of war in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda and South Sudan.

With over forty brutal armed conflicts across the globe, there’s never been a greater need to support women survivors of war. With your help, women can graduate from the Women for Women International programme with the skills, knowledge and resources to become successful entrepreneurs. They will pass on their knowledge to their neighbours and children, creating a ripple effect.

We've collaborated with artist Oscar Mitchell to create a design that will celebrates the empowerment of women and enables us to support women survivors of war. From each sale of the product below, 50% of the profits are shared equally between Oscar and Women for Women International. UK Charity Registration Number: 1115109