How Young Women's Trust Changed Tayah's Life

I got involved with the Young Women's Trust at a time in my life where I was determined to continue on my own journey. I thought it had ended when I suddenly became a teenage mother. While at home taking care of my baby, I exhausted all methods that I knew of finding a job. I couldn't find anything flexible enough to tie around my caring responsibilities.

After searching ‘help for young women’ I came across the Young Women's Trust website. I applied for both their CV and coaching service, and then for their Advisory Panel. Within a few hours I received an acceptance email - after several months of rejection from various jobs, this was my first yes. Two days later my daughter and I we’re invited to an event with the Trust. I was able to enjoy this new experience with her by my side, which meant the world. It also meant I didn’t have to worry about finding childcare.

The coaching service provided an opportunity to discuss my life and the struggles I had experienced in finding a job. I was able to talk about how, despite my determination to succeed, I felt like I wasn’t progressing - but my coach was able to list to me all the important roles I have, and the caring and selfless acts I do without realising; it helped me see I was already capable of so much more than I had realised.

During an Advisory Panel residential trip we heard from existing and former panel members who spoke about the amazing opportunities Young Women’s Trust had given them. Once I heard this, I vowed to myself that if an opportunity came up that is completely unfamiliar to me, I would go for it anyway.

Thanks to this and the added confidence from my experiences with the Trust, I nominated myself for the Young Women's Trust Everyday SHEro award, and I won! I collected my award at a ceremony in front of many people who had heard and read about my story and were inspired by ME! I never thought I would win, but I went for it anyway. It gave me even more confidence and showed that I mustn't ever doubt my own abilities.

"Since getting involved with Young Women’s Trust, I have grown so much. I developed from someone who was so shy I lacked the confidence to start a conversation with a stranger to networking, conducting interviews and speaking openly in front of people about my personal experiences and my involvement with the charity."


Now, when I Google my name I can see all the amazing things said about my award and the blogs I have written for Young Women's Trust, I am extremely proud of myself and how far I have come. My younger sister has also searched me and proudly showed her friends, which means a lot - I want to be an inspiration to my younger siblings for the right reasons.

I was never somebody who felt like I could sit amongst a group and find anything relevant to bring to the table, however Young Women's Trust and the inspiring women I meet through the charity, show me that I am not alone in the things that I go through in the world, there are several women who are like me and my story is just as relevant as anybody else's and so together, we can find encouragement in sharing our experiences to help others.

Tayah used the Young Women’s Trust coaching and CV feedback service – a service designed to help young women identify their skills and build strong mental health. She later joined the Young Women’s Trust Advisory Panel, a group of young women with direct experience of living on low or no pay, that gain skills by campaigning for the charity and advising on all its work.