Rising Tides, A Climate Change Crisis

The World’s ice is melting and as temperatures increase, warmer waters expand. This expansion causes the surface of the water to rise and occupy more space. Around 150 million people live within 1 meter of sea level and 600 million live within 10 meters. The ice loss in Greenland and Antarctica combined would add up to 12% to sea levels. The effect on coastal towns and regions as a result of sea levels rising so rapidly are devastating. Not only does it cause erosion and flooding but also soil contamination and the loss of habitats for all kinds of wildlife. It’s reported that 520,000 properties in the UK alone are already at risk.

The effects of melting ice goes further than just the oceans. Sea levels rising contribute to devastating freaks of nature and atmospheric phenomenons including stronger storms, hurricanes and tsunamis. 2012’s Hurricane Sandy is the largest Atlantic Storm on record, claimed 233 lives and left a trail of destruction in her wake. The Thames Barrier was built to protect London from rare, abnormal flooding. It’s currently used 6-7 times yearly, with the intensity and frequency of these natural disasters only set to increase.

Whether humankind can keep the polar ice caps from melting is one of our greatest debates. Rising sea levels has been recognised as one of the clearest, most obvious signs of the reality of climate change. Some of our greatest fears may have been confirmed with reports that we cannot prevent or reverse sea levels rising. Our only option now may be to at least slow the process down, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and provide nature with the time to adapt. We support Friends of the Earth and the assistance they provide to Climate Refugees who are continually displaced by rising sea levels and increasingly severe weather conditions. It is the world’s poorest and most vulnerable who suffer the most.

We've collaborated with artist Morgan Ward to create a design that will enable us to build further awareness of climate change and rising sea levels. From each sale of the product below, 25% of the profits will be donated to Friends of the Earth, a charitable organisation who are working to limit the problem of climate change and the effects of rising sea levels.