Packaging Debate

We are more environmentally aware than ever before but the use of packaging is at an all-time high. Packaging has long contributed to our waste epidemic. In recent years, the UK has produced over 11,500,000 tonnes of packaging alone.

They say it takes 23 seconds to form our first impressions, and they matter, they’re lasting. It’s important to consumers how products look when they arrive. The anticipation and excitement of opening your parcels is all part of the process. The packaging is a point of marketing or a means to stand apart from others. Our focus is on enhancing the products we create. Our tees speak for themselves, our ethos is to go further than reducing our negative impact. We’re striving to make a positive one.

Our tees are protected by environmentally-friendly compostable bags. The sad reality is that too many single-use plastics, such as those used in disposable packaging end up as litter and persist unchanged for many years. At the end of the degradation process, our bags are reduced to only water, bio-mass and a small amount of Carbon Dioxide (as is common in all-natural breakdown processes). There’s a misunderstanding that this process leads only to smaller pieces of plastic, but this is not the case. No harmful, toxic or hazardous chemicals are produced or remain at the end of this process.

The mailer can be reused again and again, just be sure to open it with care.