How Comedy Can Save Wildlife

How did the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards begin?

It began when Paul Joynson-Hicks, living and working in East Africa as a wildlife photographer realised that his images featuring wildlife animals doing ‘funny’ things sold out quicker than the rest.  He hit upon the idea of creating a photo competition that celebrates the humorous and hilarious antics of the animal world to get a more serious conservation message across.   He launched the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards in 2015 and a year later he asked me (Tom) to join him and it grew and grew from there.

What role do you think the images have in the conservation of our wildlife? 

By showing how alike humankind and wildlife really are, we can tap into the viewer’s innate capacity to empathise and understand the need for greater protection of our planet and everything on it.  Instead of images of slaughtered animals - which have their place, no doubt, our images celebrate the animals and allow us to connect with them that hopefully will encourage us to try and save them.

Could you tell us a little about your partnership the Save Wild Orangutans and the work they do? 

They are an inspirational charity in Borneo in the Gunung Palung National Park, working with the local population to create a sustainable and thriving habitat where humans and Orangutans can live side by side.  It is one of the few viable orang-utan populations left on the planet and their work with habitat protection, Conservation awareness and scientific research is helping to preserve and protect an intact ecosystem where they can flourish.  For more information go to their website:

What can people do to be actively involved in conservation? 

There is a whole list of things you can do from using the car less, to planting a window box for the bees, to lobbying your MP to do more for your area.  We have a handy list on the website - check it out.

How does our collaboration and the Comedy Wildlife Collection lead into the conservation work you champion? 

Working with a like minded company like Tomorrow has been an exciting step into a whole new market for us and it is amazing to see the competition images transformed into another medium and produced so successfully onto clothing. It is great that in addition to buying the 2D versions of the photos, you can now  buy a T shirt/Hoodie and show what you stand for by what you wear! 

Explore the Comedy Wildlife collection online now.