Our Stance On Production


We never use standard cotton. Organic cotton is a natural, GMO-free fibre that uses less water than standard cotton. In addition, its production does not involve the use of chemicals (no fertilisers or pesticides) and encourages the rotation of crops to keep soil healthier, more fertile and maintain humidity.


Our suppliers are convinced that manufacturing in Asia is a good thing, if done properly. Properly means respecting the rights of the men and women that are employed, and giving them the means to acquire new skills, education and training. Our supplier has a 19-person team in Dhaka, all Bangladeshi, monitoring their 5 partner factories every day. All of which are GOTS-certified and audited by the Fair Wear Foundation.


(GOTS) Global Organic Textile Standard. The strictest certification for textiles made from organic fibres. GOTS tracks the entire chain of production from farm to factory: from harvesting of the cotton, weaving of fibres, assembly of items, to the final product before printing, including even the export of our clothing. It certifies that the products we use are GMO-free and are grown without the use of chemicals and are dyed without any toxic substances. Additionally, it also ensures compliances with the labour standards of the International Labour Organisation throughout the chain of production.

Fair Wear Foundation. An independent association formed in the Netherlands whose members are committed to improving the working conditions in the textile industry.

Confidence In Textiles. Certifies how much-recycled matter is contained within a product, and confirms that strict environmental and social criteria have been met throughout the manufacturing process.