Above The Movement: Stas Bartnikas

Stas Bartnikas, 46, aerial photographer based in Moscow. Graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in journalism.

Photography combines Stas's love of travelling with a passion for aviation. Over the past few years, he’s been actively engaged in aerial photography while flying in light aircrafts and helicopters in different parts of the world. During this time he's visited over 20 countries.

Stas is convinced that Mother Nature is the most sophisticated painter. He sees it as his mission to capture its beauty in its perfect form through his unique style of 'Aero-Art' photography.

"Beautiful images that portray our planet invoke deep feelings of love, admiration and respect towards the nature. And he believes that people tend to protect what they love." - Stas Bartnikas

Aerial photography allows us to see places that are inaccessible on foot in a very unique way with a different perspective, and enables us to capture the beauty of our Earth in its full glory. Stas believes that Iceland is one of the most photogenic countries when looked at from above with the combination of ice, snow, volcanic formations, glacial rivers, beaches and ocean making for surreal and stunning sights.