A Certification in Preventing Deforestation

One of the biggest stories of 2020 was the rise of the corporate tree planting movement, with dozens of multinational businesses from virtually every industry pledging millions of dollars to one of nature's most effective carbon offsetting solutions. Ultimately, we can’t stop climate change without ending deforestation so it’s great that it’s on everyone’s agenda. However, many companies have promised to address deforestation related to their business activities for years, but few have delivered on those plans.

This is where Stand For Trees have a huge role to play, they help change the economic incentives that lead to deforestation. Tropical deforestation has many causes; land conversion for crops, pasture for cattle grazing, mining or resources use such as firewood collection and timber production. Tropical forest countries are mostly developing, with few economic opportunities. It unfortunately means that the only way for people to survive is by clearing their forest to produce something they can sell or live off. As a result, standing forests have to provide value to these countries and communities otherwise they will always be at risk.

Stand For Trees’ unique REDD+ model is UN approved and specially created to fight climate change. While hundreds of companies are looking to plant trees, Stand For Trees also see the value in the ones already in the ground. Trees, roots and soils store carbon dioxide so keeping them standing avoids releasing carbon into the atmosphere. Stand For Trees count how much carbon standing trees store and therefore how much they are already contributing to stopping climate change. By allocating these trees a value (a ‘carbon credit’), they are viewed with worth and suddenly there’s an alternative to cutting them down, and the carbon stays in the ground.

Each Stand For Trees certificate is worth a fixed amount of carbon not emitted because a forest is keeping it safely stored, buying one means you are helping to create a real alternative to deforestation and climate change. Their model also provides an opportunity for individuals to offset the emissions they inevitably generate. Previously, these schemes had only been open to large corporations, but this gives people the opportunity to support the fight against deforestation and climate change. Their projects are rigorously qualified, and only supported and only supported once it has been proved that the forest was initially under threat and that deforestation has been prevented, meaning Stand For Trees can offer a much higher success rate in protecting our forest than standard campaigns.

By supporting Stand For Frees, through their carbon credits or this collection, you are; preventing carbon from being released into the atmosphere, helping forest communities around the world keep their forests standing, protecting endangered species and biodiversity , saving delicate ecosystems and creating sustainable livelihoods for communities.