Valentino Brunetti

Valentino studied at both Venice and Manchester art school and is currently working at Acne Studios in the branding team. With a strong focus on comedy, Val works and experiments with multiple mediums whilst taking inspiration from the day to day. Val aims to explore and reflect the things in life that other people might not quite catch at first glance by sharing a new perspective.

“I don’t really have a style or a genre, I like comedy and meaningful stuff, I’m still discovering what exactly it is I want to do and undergoing a search for identity in practice.” Val’s approach is pretty simple, he goes with his gut. Instinct takes the lead and he lets the art do the talking, by creating the first thing that pops into his head, he allows the other ideas to come until a solution is found for the task in hand.

What's the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in design?

I've learned to try everything out, even if its shit or you never thought about doing it, just try it out and see how it looks, the ideas come when you play with different drawing mediums.

Is there an approach you aim to follow when creating a piece?

I haven’t found a style yet and I'm still exploring different drawing mediums, every time I think of a design I’m always sketching first and then I start trialling with different programs or more raw materials.

Is there a feeling or emotion you hope to trigger through your work?

I’m not sure what I feel about my own work most of the time, I'll hate it and someone else will love it. Someday I’d like people to recognise my work and feel a certain space where they feel some sort of honesty and comfort, along with an aura that they can relate to in a sense where they remember a feeling from a time in their life. My work is never sad but there’s times where its felt lost and that’s ok. I like being lost in my work even though it can knock out some confidence. But I really believe, especially recently, that in order to find yourself, you have to first lose yourself, and I suppose that's the feeling I'd like to trigger

Explain a bit about the piece you have created to help us increase the awareness of the Ivory Trade

The piece was one of my first drafts but I enjoyed how raw it was and how the message was put across. I wanted the message to be aimed at all generations but also for it to nurture the new generation to come. I feel that these softer drawings with cartoon-like features will accommodate that and begin to help make things like this subject more engaging for everyone.



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