Peter Evans

Peter is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice is rooted in the use of materials he finds. Drawing inspiration from routine behaviour, social form, and the every day, Evans’ work examines the banality of our daily lives, reclaiming everyday objects to repurpose the unremarkable.

Is there a message you aim to convey through your work?

I never set out to convey any particular message through my work, I think I just find things interesting or uncanny and have a desire to point these things out. I don't ever have any preconceived ideas of what I want the viewer to take from it, I like to keep this really open to interpretation, so in my case I was never interested in conveying any particular message or agenda.

Do you find that your art is reflective of you as a person?

I've never really thought about that but I guess it must be on some level. I always like to hope my work is both simple but complex at the same time, which I guess is a reflection of the human race in a very general sense. I think my work could be described as both up-beat and melancholic which pretty much sums me up!

What are you currently doing to inspire your work?

I've just returned from a residency in Italy which really inspired my process. It gave me the chance to slow down and think about different ways of approaching a subject, which I've found really interesting. I'm preparing some work for a group show in May which will be using materials I've not used before so I'm looking at lots of different artist's work and trying to draw some ideas together for that. Also I'm in the process of making a music video using still photographs so am spending lots of time looking at images and film clips. Now I want to make a short film!

How do you navigate around the obstacles you encounter, both creatively and personally?

Usually with no idea at all! Creatively I tend to just try and work through any obstacles that occur. If something isn't going well or feeling right I always think if I put my head down and keep working through it everything will come good on the other side. I have no idea if this works though, I think it does! Personally, just share it man, a problem shared is an obstacle made smaller..or something along those lines. Navigating around obstacles is an art form in itself.

Explain what this collaboration means to you

This collaboration is a chance to try and raise a bit of awareness about a subject I feel strongly about. It's incredible when you think about it that there are people without a roof over their head, in 2019. It's a subject that still divides opinion and I think theirs a lot of misunderstanding around how and why it happens.


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