Pauline Rochault

Pauline Rochault, aka. Paolinoshka is an artistic director in a Parisian communication agency as the interactive designer creating sites, applications and digital campaigns amongst a wide variety of other activities where the user is at the heart of the subject. Pauline's unique and distinctive style derives from the intersection of urban art and illustration using canvas', walls or skateboards as the medium. Paulines artistic techniques range from isograph printing to wild collage and more. "I don't really have a limit except that of the blank page syndrome." - Pauline Rochault.

Please explain your thoughts and process behind the design submitted?

The theme was the Veganuary, ie the month of January vegan. So I said to myself that it could be nice to make my flowers, recurring elements in my work, chilli with small fruits and vegetables. The Juicy club is a nod to the brand of the 90s with the glitter on the buttocks, something not at all in the vegan delirium ... little bit of irony, just to laugh.

Who are your biggest influences?

I don't really have any ... it's a bit of a mess. I am inspired by anything and everything, ranging from a vinyl cover to a Greek soda label. I really like Soviet art and it is reflected in my angular lines or in my typographic compositions. I also really like the design of psyche rock with its ultra-artisanal printing process and these lettering with messages of peace that still speak to us now.

What would your dream freelance job be and why?

I hope that one day a big brand of streetwear or alcohol or even chocolate offers me a collaboration for a pop-up store with a scenography to think about entirely and a custom work on their products. It would really be an accomplishment and a great playground ... the dream. Otherwise big life goal, to work for a ski brand. It was the design on the skis that partly made me want to become an artistic director and gave me this visual culture of board sports.

Is there an underlying message you aim to communicate through your work, if so, what is it?

Considering the period, it's really 99% positive messages, with a lot of love. I always draw flowers with a smile, it's a bit like therapy for me as well as for the people who come across my work. During the first confinement I was all alone in my mini Parisian studio and I missed nature a lot, meeting faces and smiles too. I started to draw flowers just for fun, then I added messages like for example "Stay fun", "Stay fresh" or "Stay sunny". It had a lot of impact on my morale. I also talk a lot about evenings and the nightlife because it makes me super nostalgic and I need to share these memories so as not to forget them and maintain them.

What are you reading, watching or listening to at the moment?

So at the moment I am reading the biography of Charles Baudelaire, a poet who wrote "the flowers of evil", I don't know if it is known in Great Britain. I am not very film and series, I am one of the people who always does 5 things at the same time suddenly it annoys me not to be able to follow a plot. As for music, I listen to a lot of French rap at the moment like Luidji, Alpha Wann, Varnish La Piscine and Jazzy Bazz. In general, what I listen to is as much a mess as what inspires me. Musical styles go all over the place depending on my mood and the things around me.

Where does your passion for your craft derive from?

This is the moment for intimate confession ... in real life I think it's because when I was little I was not at all sporty. I spent a lot of time at school daycare so the only way to pass the time was through creative hobbies. Over time it became a passion, then the most obvious means of communication for me. So to come back to the question I would say that my passion comes from boredom ... it is thanks to my desire not to be bored that I started to create on everything and anything and then it has become my job.

Any exciting plans for the future you would like to share outside of this collaboration?

Yes, the mega pint of beer that I would have with my friends at the end of this pandemic during a vernissage that I would have organized where people can dance, drink against each other, listen to music with a lot of volume too strong and exchange kisses with strangers as at the time. The project that is most important to me.

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