Morgan Ward

Morgan Ward is an artist who embodies the spirit of youth and adventure. His work is vivid, questing and clear-eyed. Each piece is luminous, absorbing and energetic. Coursing across and through each canvas, his marks are tumbling, tendril-like shapes and forms, punctuated with dense squares and dots, to create illusions of that which is not there. Space and depth. Ward uses the platform of a flat, tangible canvas and stretches the visual truth to make the real into the unreal, with ever growing possibilities.

Is there a message you aim to convey through your work?

I aim to investigate the relationships between colour and the interaction of forms within the objective format of the painting and to what extent these boundaries can be broadened. The central questioning has been that of what constitutes the space of painting. How one might choose to fill the space of a canvas as an object, and whether paintings can communicate and inform themselves through relational proximity. A key aspect is the expansion of a space, both physically and as an abstract illusion. I have adopted and developed a practice that allows me to constantly interrogate visual problems and outcomes.

Do you find that your art is reflective of you as a person? If so why?

I find my practice is one that always make me stumble across questions and problems. It challenges and tackles it’s own internal working and relies on that inter communication between the formal elements of a painting. As a person I would like to feel that I also tackle problems head on, I have found that my practice is imbedded into how I absorb information, from a daily route to the architecture surrounding my everyday. If my work was not reflective as me as a person it simply would be just my work.

How do you navigate around the obstacles you encounter, both creatively and personally?


Can you name your most inspiring moment and tell us how it’s reflected in your work?

I would honestly say the most inspiring moment is you reach in painting is where you have managed to translate a small value captured in a sketchbook, be that the relationship between two small scribbled marks jotted down in the margins of notes, to the energy that hums between two planes of colour. Being able to drop your tools and know there is a gravity to develop, that is what inspires me.

Explain what this collaboration means to you

Living in London I know only too well the effects urbanisation has on our planet. I believe it's our mission to preserve the hospitality and generosity it has offered us and to make it our mission to face climate change.

When I was approached to be a part of this amazing collaboration the answer was of course yes. Using what I do to not only build upon my own research but to use it as a tool to support structures that help people across the globe is something I'm extremely proud of. Tomorrow has built a platform that fuses the wider global context to share a mutual passion, providing the consumer not only a product to enjoy but also a story and context to increase awareness and create action to halt and prevent future crisis.