Kit Agar

Kit Agar is an English artist and illustrator currently residing in Brussels. Kit is known for her feminine and ethereal forms, combining bold lines with a soft colour palette. Her works range from poetic Picasso-esque line drawings, to dynamic colour block collages.

Since establishing her practice in 2017, Kit has worked on a variety of projects, including fashion, stationary, & homeware. She has collaborated with a broad range of companies & brands including Penguin Books, MADE, and Anthropologie.

Since her graduation from University of the Arts London in 2017 her works have been exhibited throughout London, and prints of her works are sold worldwide.

Please explain your thoughts and creative process behind the designs submitted.

I was inspired by the imagery of the ancient Greek gods of the sea, but I wanted to represent them more as humans than deities. I decided to go with a more modern drawing style as the exploitation of our oceans is very much a contemporary and immediate problem. As Poseidon and Amphitrite watched over and protected the oceans in Greek mythology, that duty now falls to us, and I hoped to represent that in a simple & modern way.

Is there an underlying message you aim to communicate through your work in general, if so, what is it?

I tend to work pretty organically – I don’t often have a clear premeditated message. I think my artworks are a reflection of elements I want more of in my life, and that varies day to day. I’d say simplicity, ethereality, & pensivity are common themes in my work.

Have there been any standout or pivotal moments in your life that have inspired you as a creative?

It’s hard to say for sure, as I’ve made art pretty continuously throughout my life. I think for me it’s more of a visual diary, so inspiration comes just as much from the mundane and everyday as it does from notable events or realisations.

Where does your passion for your craft derive from?

I think, for me, my passion for drawing and art stemmed from my childhood shyness. I was at times a painfully quiet child, but that didn’t mean I had nothing to say. Even as an adult, expressing myself through words is something I sometimes struggle with, despite being much more confident in myself. Even if I was not making a living through art, it is still something I’d be doing for myself, I’m not sure I could completely understand myself without it.

What would your dream freelance job be and why?

I’d love to collaborate on stage design, perhaps for a ballet or an opera. I’ve always loved the performing arts, but I’m not much of a performer myself. It would be a dream to be part of the visual storytelling of a live show.

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