Jiye Kim

Jiye Kim creates illustrations that are swift in movement, capturing a scene in the blink of an eye. Naming “exaggeration, narrative and movement” as the key elements to her illustration practice, each of her drawings are highly detailed sketches, minuscule drawings with maximum effect.

Is there a message you aim to convey through your work?

The ultimate goal of my work is to celebrate our individuality. Most of my personal projects are focusing on people, I'm especially interested in observing our similarities and differences. I want to deliver a message that we can improve self-esteem by discovering our own uniqueness. It is essential to value originality of individuals, simultaneously to encourage interaction within and between communities for breaking any stereotypes. I believe exploring identity is the key to a better mutual understanding and respect.

Do you find that your art is reflective of you as a person?

I express myself through drawing. Each piece of my work is partly reflecting me as a person. Observational doodles show the objects I feel the most intriguing at the moment or what kind of issues I'm concentrating on. The use of materials, lines, and colours can change as my aesthetic taste changes. Also I enjoy creating narrative illustrations by combining my personal thoughts and imaginative ideas.

How do you navigate around the obstacles you encounter, both creatively and personally?

I try to have a highly positive attitude towards work and just keep pushing forward. I particularly meet so many obstacles whenever I work on narrative-based projects. Making a storyboard is the most difficult, but at the same time, the most enjoyable part of the process. Getting feedback from other creatives can be also helpful to solve whatever problems I might be stuck on. Above all, achieving work-life balance is important. Taking regular breaks makes me stay healthy-both physically and mentally. Reading and writing is another way of refreshing my brain. It often gives me clues about how to deal with tough situations.

Can you name your most inspiring moment and tell us how it's reflected in your work?

I've experienced many turning points in my life, but the most significant one was when I studied an Illustration & Animation course at Kingston. I met lots of incredible artists and had chances to experience a variety of projects. As a creative, I was able to find my passion for storytelling. I remember when I first saw the reaction from the audience to my wordless picture book. A short story with humor and exaggerated characters were enough to amuse people. It was the moment I realised the power of visual language. Narrative art is still my favorite way of making my own voice. It's always exciting to play with sequential images.

Explain a bit about the design you have created to help us raise further awareness of plastic pollution

Plastic is everywhere in the ocean. The currents, waves and wind transport the trash all over the planet. The image is capturing the debris floating around the surface of the sea. The scattered fragments are randomly creating abstract and irregular patterns. They will be broken into smaller and smaller pieces as time goes by. These plastic particles will have potentially harmful effects not only on marine life, but also on humanity.



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