Jess Pemberton

Jess Pemberton is a collage artist who graduated with an MA in Digital Media Arts from Brighton University in 2020 and has since focused on creating works to exist in the online sphere that explore different forms of engagement using generative and interactive desktop environments through code, analogue source material and digital collaging.

It’s a joy to support Little Sun as they change lives through the power of light.

Jess Pemberton

Where does your passion for your craft derive from?

somewhere intangible

Please explain the thought and process behind the design submitted

The design contemplates the sun’s energy and the depths of its impact. The piece captures transfers of energy that cause transformation and empowerment. As the sun forms the base landscape, it too actives and grows the mind.

Who are your biggest influences?

Hannah Hoch and Berlin Dada
David O’Reilly
Hito Steyerl
George Perec
Ian Stern

Is there a message or thought you aim to provoke through your work?

I aim to provoke compassion, curiosity and stillness.
At the moment, my predominant line of research is the nature of digital and, in particular, online space. I explore the boundaries between the physical and digital and aim to play with the structure of content we interact with online. Much of my work also doesn’t have one particular message or thought. I create from a meditative state that draws on the subconscious.

What would your dream freelance job be and why?

This. Because I’m creating artwork about something I care about, that also helps towards supporting solutions to that issue, along with supporting me.

What are you reading, watching or listening to at the moment?

Watching The Handmaid’s Tale, a dystopian series based on the novel by Margarette Atwood
Listening to Laughs by Oh Mr James from a recent compilation album, Mên an Tol by EEL Records

Any exciting plans for the future you would like to share?

I am creating the artwork for Oh Mr James’ next music release, Isopropyl, which will be out late spring / summer this year. I have an upcoming residency with DAR (Digital Artist Residency), December this year.

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