Jennifer Beard

Jenny Beard is a Leeds based painter working within contemporary art - her process is built upon automatic drawing, using digital tools to create and manipulate sketches. Abstract imagery is used to explore optical space, depth, and flatness. The work is open ended and explorative, dealing with the paradox of appropriating abstract marks for abstract paintings. During this mimetic experience, the work can be read as representational.

When approaching her work, Jenny is interested in gestures, marks and the moment they become signs.

"Marks are ambiguous, whereas a sign directs us, it informs us." - Jenny Beard

Digital methods are embraced in Jenny’s practice, but the work is always finished traditionally and meticulously. Jenny's digital exploration opens up new ways of seeing and laying paint, which creates a refreshing relationship between the artist and the painting.

Is there a change in your work as society has become increasingly aware of the world around us?

My practise is very self reflective. The paintings are about painting, rather than any outside influences.

Who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influences are Jonathan Lasker, Robert Ryman, and my iPad/stylus themselves! My work is inspired and driven by the effects of digital 'painting' in response to the history of traditional painting.

Is there anything specific thats capturing your interest within the arts world right now?

I'm interested in work that bounces between painterly and digital, paying homage to both. I think there's a great movement of contemporary work created with humour, slightly self deprecating and accepting, pretty reflective of our generations sense of humour.

What are you currently reading, listening to, looking at or watching to inspire your work?

Honestly none of my daily activities relate to my painting. I'm watching Hannibal the series and in no way is that influencing the work!

Do you find that your art is reflective of you as a person?

I'd say that I'm equal parts logical and creative as a person, and this is definitely translated into the art. the overall idea is planned and constructed, but there are these moments of pure energy and spontaneity.

Our Collaboration With Jenny Beard

Created to raise awareness of the ongoing global plastic crisis. The selected artwork for this collaboration has been used as an abstract representation of the displaced plastics within our oceans.

50% of profits will be distributed equally between Jenny Beard and Plastic Oceans,
Plastic Oceans are an organisation who work with businesses, scientists, schools and policy-makers to change attitudes and behaviours towards plastics.


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