Magnify The Sun

Hye Sea is an eco-friendly artist and a waste-less art enthusiast; creating her artwork in the most natural way possible--using only the sunlight and a magnifying glass--which she refers to as "solar engraving". She first discovered her passion for the sun’s power as a teenager in high school. Her older brother and she would sit outside with magnifying glasses, setting fire to leaves, paper and anything in arms reach. She began to transform this passion into creating art in 2016.

Hye grew up living a standard American life, with no formal education on creating art or insight on eco-friendly practices or the benefits of biodegradable anything. She has since grown to unlearn her former westernized lack of appreciation for mother nature after taking a self discovery journey to other countries and utilizing only the resources around her to live and survive in those places. This strongly influences the naturalist lifestyle Hye Sea now embraces and how she chose to set the foundation for Magnify The SUN.

Acceptance is a master key that unlocks many doors both internally and externally.

Hye Sea

Who are your biggest influences?

My support system influences me and helps me thrive, so my parents, my family, my friends near and far. And also this amazing human: Halim Flowers, who is also a fellow artist killing the game with the upmost perseverance and focus and drive.

Is there a message or thought you aim to provoke through your work?

Use what you have to get to where you want to be.

What would your dream freelance job be and why?

I would love to work on some projects with Ecosia, which is an amazing organization with a focus on sustainability (not the green-washed version). One of the amazing things they do is plant trees through the usage of their search engine ( It’s long been my dream to plant trees since I’ve started using wood as my medium so once I found Ecosia I immediately loved them and have watched the way they contribute to the regeneration of our planet.

What are you reading, watching or listening to at the moment?

I listen to the ocean a lot and the sounds of nature. I watch my thoughts, and I’m practicing allowing them to pass like clouds though I watch them rather intensely sometimes and then they end up watching me. I’ve also watched a few interesting movies/documentaries recently but only one of which I can recall—White Tiger on Netflix.

Any exciting plans for the future you would like to share?

Not at all a plan, but I’ll be a millionaire this year.

Please explain your thoughts and process behind the designs submitted

A. Exhale - I wanted to create something simple enough but still portraying a human head that shows sometimes all we need to do is exhale, especially these days and times. A deep seated exhale may be all that we can do in any given moment.

B. Rain or shine - At the point of creation with this design, I was living in Honduras and it was raining a lot. I created something that portrays one’s contentment with and acceptance of the changing seasons in relation to weather and fluctuations in our life’s journey.

C. Nothing is real - We don’t experience the past or future as it is, we experience it and only have access to both past and future through this present moment. Everything starts here. We make everything real by bringing it to this present moment. Or we miss out on everything real because of our lack of acknowledging this present moment.

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