Fanelie Muselier

Please describe and explain the designs used within this collaboration?

For this collaboration I used a marker drawing technique that is specific to me. These designs are taken from one of my personal projects, where I wanted to represent the before and after of natural disasters. It was a way of representing the transition from built to deconstructed, in the blink of an eye. This allows me to have figurative images (before) but also very abstract results (after). This deconstruction also involves my technique of drawing with alcohol markers. This kind of markers drool and attack the paper.

What drives your desire to create in such a visual and colourful aesthetic?

In a rather spontaneous way I have always put color in my creations. This is something I really care about, I have trouble working in black and white. Just as some people would have trouble working with colour, it is the best way for me to express myself. And then I like to say that I come from Marseille, I am very proud of it, it is a singular and colourful city, I love this place, these atmospheres are anchored in me, and without meaning to, influence me a lot.

What would be your dream freelance job, as an illustrator or animator and why?

I would love to make illustrations and animations for a major news magazine like the New York Times Magazine. They deal with fascinating subjects, and the illustrators or animators with whom they collaborate are all amazing! The visuals and covers are always well thought out and surprising! I think he surrounds himself with the best, so why not dream of being one of the best? It's just an idea in the corner of my head.

Is there a specific underlying message you aim to communicate through your work, if so what is it?

There are no particular messages in my work, I just try to respect the subject I am dealing with, adding my personal touch. I want my projects to be simple and unpretentious, so that they can be seen, understood and appreciated (or not) by everyone

What are you reading, watching or listening to at the moment that inspires you?

As a graphic designer I spend a lot of time on the computer, but also outside my work. I try to escape as much as possible, and do something else with my hands and my head. It's more of a kind of sick break than a real inspiration, I'm trying to turn it into something positive. This leads me to put aside the digital to concentrate on a more artisanal practice when I have the opportunity. I have rather old-fashioned inspirations like Klimt, Schiele, Monet, Gauguin or Magritte... always for these colorful and strange worlds. But I also have more current and very different inspirations like Elsworth Kelly, Braulio Amado, Gilles de Brock...

Has there been a 'stand out' influential or pivotal movement within your life as a creative?

I have never been particularly supported by a movement, I have my opinions which can be common or very different from some movements.
I like to express them in my projects, it's the only way I found to say things.

About The Collaboration

Created in support of, an international movement of ordinary people working to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world of community-led renewable energy for all. 50% of profits will be distributed equally between and Fanélie Muselier.


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