Denis Boudart

Deniss Boudart's work attempts to challenge our diverse relationships with the worlds of art, nature and identity by transforming the images found into a new context. Each source of inspiration is a piece of a puzzle whose final landscape is still unknown. He explores forms, empty and full spaces, juggling between geometry and the clumsiness of lines and cuts. His series of collages question our visual culture and the codes of artistic and intellectual property.

"I take pleasure in forming stories, being strange and familiar with a touch of humour. My collages are mainly motivated by a strong curiosity of what surrounds me, I like to imagine each image as the starting point of a new history, and thus, create a second life for them."

Is there a change in your work as society has become increasingly aware of the world around us?

Definitely. I wouldn’t say my works convey a political message, but over-consumerism and the protection of nature are central themes of my creations and influence my work.

Who are your biggest influences?

I am inspired by music and by the nature or the street. I began with street art in my younger years. Today my influences are rooted in works from artists I admire such as John Baldessari, Dadaist’s Marcel Duchamp and Jean Arp or Kurt Schwitters.

Which current art world trends are you following?

I am quite curious of new trends and all form of creative expression. I still follow closely the street art movement, but I am also drawn to photography, design, and fashion.

Do you find that your art is reflective of you as a person?

A work expresses a point of view, a mood, the sensibility of its creator, so yes. I also like to bring a touch of humour into my work.

What are you currently reading, listening to, looking at or watching to inspire your work?

I always work with music. Nowadays I’m into Levitation Room, Lucile Furs. I like this chill and "solar" atmosphere. On the movie side I love the French director Quentin Dupieux who's films are completely absurd, staggered while giving a critic of our society and his music (Mr Oizo) is great too.

Your current playlist?

Levitation Room – Mr Polydactyl Cat
Lucile Furs – Another Land
Lia Ices – Wave 2
Palm Springsteen - Sister Sister
Culture Abuse - Jealous
Hot Chip – Melody of Love
Metronomy – Walking In the Dark
Junior Reid - Run Come Inna the dance

Explain a bit about the design submitted for this project

My art isn’t political but I am always influenced by some causes like waste and global warming. It was whilst watching a documentary on the melting of ice that guided me to realise this collage - this is my visual representation of the issue. This collage and cover work is inspired by the graffiti that I practiced for 10 years. The idea of covering is almost systematic in this medium where all the surfaces covered with paintings are in perpetual reconstruction.

Our collaboration with Denis Boudart

Created in support of Friends Of The Earth, an environmental campaigning community dedicated to the wellbeing and protection of the natural world and everyone in it. 50% of profits will be distributed equally between Friends Of The Earth and Denis Boudart.


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