Aleksandra Georgieva

“I like absurd stuff and silly faces.” Is the artistic motto of Aleksandra Georgieva, better known as @sa6ettu on social media. Born in 1997, from Sofia, she graduates from the National High School for Applied Arts “St. Luke” with profile and diploma work in graphic design. After that she continues her studies in the National Academy of Arts (2016) concentrated in Books, printing techniques and illustration. As a freelance artist and illustrator, with interest in many fields of art and techniques, she works on various projects, mostly concentrating in book-making, more specifically exploring the zine as an object and conductor of her artistic ideas.With a little bitter sweet taste of sarcasm and irony she represents the world the way she sees it- strange looking and interesting objects, filled with different cartoon characters, funny looking people and their everyday absurd situations.

Who and where do you draw your main influences from?

My surroundings I guess, like most of the people. I like cartoon style funny images and objects. I like interpreting them in my own way, adding something little from me making them look even more grotesque and funny. This also includes funny photographs of people or some absurd situations that I’ve been into. Also I get really motivated and inspired by looking at other artists and illustrators work, it makes me happy how many talented people there are in the world. I also really enjoy collaborating with other people, I think there’s a lot u could learn from that in every aspect of the process. I even think I’m more productive and creative when working with somebody.

Is there a message or feeling you hope to provoke through your work?

I’m having real fun when I’m drawing and i want the same for the people who see my work. I like this bitter-sweet taste of irony and sarcasm in my illustrations. I’m trying not to take myself very seriously, I just do what I love to do the most (drawing) and express it through various techniques and images. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to work a lot on very complex and tough subjects, which made me realize even more how important and powerful art can be and I’m hoping for the future to have the opportunity to work more on some projects like this.

Any plans for the future you would like to share?

I’m experimenting some new techniques now. I don’t want to limit myself only into illustrating. I found this super cool textile technique for making Rugs, it’s called latch hook, you can see it on my instagram profile it’s insanely funny. Also preparing some ceramics in collaboration with other artists and a new exhibition in collaboration again, with a focus of a very limited edition of a Riso printed zine and screen printed prints. After that the plan list continues with other ideas for exhibitions and zines , and hoping with all that I’ll manage to graduate finally one day.

Please can you explain the process and meaning behind the designs submitted for the collaboration?

1st design : “You’re exactly where you need to be”

My idea was to create something very simple and positive to remind people exactly of how simple and beautiful life is. And you need to let yourself be here in that moment, go with the flow, stop worrying all the time for all the small life difficulties, be grateful for what you have, not thinking on what you don’t have. Because everything is happening for a reason – good and bad, and the only thing that you’re responsible for is your own happiness. So stay strong, let the good thoughts grow, cause you’re doing f*cking great!

2nd design: “Know the signals”

Be more aware of people’s feelings. Sometimes is not what it looks like from first look. People many times suppress they’re emotions in order not to hurt someone or not to look bad in people’s eyes, but most of the times they end up hurting themselves by getting stuck with this frustrating emotions. Be honest with yourself and others, share how you feel cause you never know if the other person isn’t also feeling the same way as you.

3rd design : “Gender equality”

I think the best way to really bring awareness on such difficult topic is through humour and provocation. No matter what gender, race, shape , form, colour, age, country or personality you are, remember that every person is unique and we are here on the same planet together, we are all human beings and we need to support each other and be nice with each other.


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