Sara Sugarman

I started my career as an actress in Grange Hill and worked none stop as an actress throughout my teens and twenties. Always loved making art. 2001 mixed show with Grayson Perry. James Birch gallery Fulham. 2004 exhibition Chelsea Arts club. 2006 Solo exhibitions at Duncan Walford gallery. Old church street Chelsea SW3 2007 Solo exhibition Duncan Walford gallery. Old church street Chelsea SW32017 Exhibited at the Saatchi gallery. Chelsea 2017 solo show. Hooligan Art gallery.2017 Mixed show. Pop up Le Marais gallery. Paris.  

What’s your idea of a good time?

Fame. A lot of accolades and appreciation for my own creative work but also directing eastenders

What are your plans for the future? 

To work. I love my creative work. It is my only religion. I use Jewish religion as something to pin my sentient presence on. Trying to communicate with my fellow humans. What we choose are all portals we use to contact and reach each other. Love. Live. Share. Connect. I also haven’t given up on world domination but am content to enjoy doing and being. 

Can you tell us a bit about your upbringing/childhood

Brought up with this thing called being Jewish in the middle of a small town where there were few other Jewish people. It was full of ritual and I loved it and yet did not understand it. Now I know it is a bunch of people who held onto their traditions for thousands of years through their own personal superstitions and rituals. As good as any but no better than any one else who comes from this binary philosophy where G-d is boss and we do his bidding. 

Who are your biggest inspirations and why?

Debuffet’s work is stunning and speaks to me loudly. He learnt from the asylums about making his art. I love the literature of Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter. I love the St Ives painter Roger Hilton he was my biggest influence in visual plastic art. Joan Littlewood my influence in the theatre. All creative mediums are the same really. 

Explain the process and ideas behind the design – Tribe of Levi

I am interested in how we as humans come into this world at the mercy of the thousands of years of gobbledygook lives as truth by so many people. It is apparently too frightening for us to bare the real truth that nobody knows what or why or how we are here. And certainly there is no truth other than we do not know! I was born into the Jewish culture and I am grateful for the comforting touchstones of tradition but the little boy in Tribe of Levi will forever struggle and negotiate to meet culture with his own sentient self.