A brand for curious, compassionate individuals seeking thoughtful design and tools for advocacy. Using sustainable fashion as a pathway to activism, we seek to model what is possible – amplifying voices for change, educating and engaging our community with the stories behind our designs whilst providing information about the world at large.

We’ve always believed that businesses should be built with a mission to do good. We’re small, but we’re committed to doing what we can. Whether it’s making the people we interact with more aware of our society or raising money for a cause we believe in. Our mission is to bring the values we espouse in our personal lives to the clothing we wear.


Our products are made in factories where human dignity and expertise take precedence over the bottom line. We use GOTS certified organic cotton, printed and packaged using almost zero plastic and only sustainable materials. This minimises our impact on the environment and makes our products feel soft and durable.

We speak out on issues we find important and try to help give voice to the people and organisations we care about. We do this humbly, but with a firm belief that a responsible brand is a healthy one; that putting our values on the line pushes us to do our best.



We introduced our equity model as a way of holding ourselves accountable for the matters we discuss and showing gratitude to the charities and artists we work with.

During any collaboration we guarantee at least 50% of all proceeds will be donated and shared, in most instances equally between the charity and artist involved at 25% each, but for some of our products we pledge 100% of profits, depending on the nature of the collaboration.

With each purchase you’re advocating for sustainable fashion and a move away from the destructive fast-fashion industry. Not only that, but you’re supporting important charities and organisations as well as upcoming and established artists alike.